About the lab:

Our work employs a variety of techniques ranging from oligo chip synthesis and library-based screening to iPS cell differentiation and live-cell imaging. We utilize a variety of model systems ranging from yeast to human cell culture to assure that the technologies we generate are applicable to a broad swath of the scientific community. 

Our research group strives to push the boundaries of genetic engineering by developing new methods with which to modify and regulate eukaryotic genomes. We apply these tools ourselves or through collaboration to gain fundamental biological insights with a particular focus towards understanding neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.

Our team places a strong emphasis on mentoring, and values the opportunity to be able to train the next generation of budding scientists.

Lab news:

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  • September 2019: Sam is awarded a F31 grant from NINDS for his work with DNA barcoded disease models. Dude is on a roll!

  • July 2019: Lab gets Gerstner Scholars award to help further develop our exciting technologies

  • June 2019: Marley joins the lab!!! Adding a nice dose of micro/immuno knowledge to the team

  • May 2019: In less than one year our dCas9-KRAB-MeCP2 repressor has been requested by >300 labs! Great to see our tool being used and to get so much positive feedback about it.

  • May 2019: Congrats to Helen for successfully competing for a summer research grant. Always great to have undergraduate scientists in the lab over the summer.

  • May 2019: Larry joins the lab. He’ll be leading our efforts to build new CRISPR epigenetic tools.

  • April 2019: Sam wins best poster at the Columbia MD-PhD retreat (his second poster prize in less than a year).

  • March 2019: 5 collaborative papers involving our lab have been published in past few months. Always fun to work as part of a larger team.

  • December 2018: Lab gets a grant from the Emerson Collective to help us build a new diagnostics platform.

  • October 2018: Sam presents at the Columbia Stem Cell Initiative- Work in Progress. He did an awesome job! Favorite answer to audience question: “I don’t know… a lot”, what better way to describe what we do :-)

  • October 2018: Alex presents guide+donor work at New York Cancer Genomics Research Meeting. Learned that even Nobel laureates take the subway like the rest of us mortals.

  • August 2018: Jenny joins!!! She'll be tackling one of the lab's more challenging projects... stay tuned :-)

  • August 2018: Brijesh joins the lab. He'll be leading our in vivo genome engineering efforts.

  • August 2018: Our paper on improved Cas9-based repressors is out in Nature Methods

  • July 2018: Paroma joins the lab... starting to get a nice lil quorum.

  • June 2018: Debbie joins the lab!!!